Great Plains BioSciences

Who We Are

Frank Parker

Chief Technical Officer

Frank D. Parker, Jr. has over thirty years experience in product and project design,engineering, and management. He has focused on environmentally responsible, high efficiency, low emission engineered chemical processes, cogeneration and utilities systems for a variety of manufacturing, hospital and other public organizations, government and military installation central power plant and “smart buildings” applications.

Frank  has extensive industrial experience with Power and HVAC central plant boiler, chiller and compressed air systems upgrading, with Industrial, Institutional and U.S.Military energy projects involving powerhouse utilities cost documentation, operator training and staffing optimization, improved facility operation and maintenance procedures, improved plant performance, energy efficiency and emissions control, reduction and management. The U.S. Air Force recognized his “RDIUP” modular public works utilities system for forward military base camps with the DoD’s Nunn-Perry Award.

Mr. Parker was the co-founder, CTO, and Managing Board Member of Great Plains Biosciences Group, LLC. His management experience also includes ten years as President and CEO in a specialty manufacturing, engineering, and operations consulting firm. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Oglethorpe University with Physics and Chemical Engineering energy papers, presently holds two U.S. Patents for energy and process control systems, and has patentable work ongoing in gasification, power and related environmental fields.


Rod Kreie


Rodney (Rod) Kreie is the Chief Operating Member and co-founder of Great Plains Biosciences Group, LLC (“GPBG”), an early stage renewable energy development firm dedicated to the development of sustainable, biological-carbon cycle based fuel production and utilization technologies, and infrastructure systems.

At GPBG, Rod is responsible for daily operations and establishing strategies that will allow the company to develop, finance, and manage projects. The GPBG strategy is to establish relationships with suitable partners that will provide high efficiency energy management/production with innovative technologies in unison with other compatible business enterprises.

Based on his extensive business and community services experience, Rod has an extensive network of professional associates whose expertise can provide the management and technical resources to support, enhance and optimize existing projects or support new projects development.

Rod is a CPA practicing public accounting for almost 25 years and a partner in several firms including CBIZ, a publicly trading national firm. Rod has provided services to almost 1,400 clients in 37 states. While in public accounting, Rod participated in the startup of several new companies. His practice also included bank consulting, tax planning, financial planning, debt structuring, and business consulting.

Economic Development – Rod was chairman of Grant County Economic Development for over 20 years. His vision led to the current structure funded by the City and County. The entity operates independent of City and County government and has effectively recruited dairies, a fresh produce processor, a national retailer, a bio fuels plant, and many other business that have added to the local tax base. Through travel and solicitation of various industries, Rod has met and made many useful business contacts.

Project Management – Rod has been involved in the development of biofuels and other projects from the first planning stages through construction and plant commissioning and production start-up. This includes fund raising, project finance, technology selection, scheduling, contractor selection, feedstocks development and procurement, product marketing, byproducts value enhancement, operational efficiency optimization and operations management.

Banking – Rod has had involvement with banks as a shareholder, board member, bank president, and a consultant. Rod’s bank experience ranges from bank startup and profitability enhancement through loan cleanup and bank sale.

Farming – Rod has been involved in a farming operation for many years. Alfalfa, corn, mile, soybeans, and barley were grown on almost 4,000 acres under sprinkler irrigation in southwest Kansas.

Benevolent Board Participation – Rod is currently on the Board of Trustees of Southwestern College, Winfield, KS and is Chairman of the Endowment Committee. Rod has also served on the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund and has been actively involved with their Investment Committee. He has also served on many other boards.

Rod is also an avid Rotarian just completed serving a year as District Governor for the southern half of Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle. In 2007 Rod spearheaded the relief effort in Greensburg, Kansas where Rotarians organized and supervised two graduation ceremonies, building 15 Habitat for Humanity houses, and many other volunteer services provided by Rotary Clubs throughout the United States.


Dr. L. David Clements

Chief Scientist

Dr. Clements was the Founding Director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Industrial Agricultural Products Center and has assisted a number of other universities in establishing similar programs. During his tour as Director of the USDA-CSRS Office of Agricultural Materials, he was the author of the technical plan that led to the joint DOD-USDA Industrial Agricultural Products Program. He has been involved with the Research Committee of the National Biodiesel Board from its founding to 2013 and has served on the Research Committee for the National Renderer’s Association’s Fats-Proteins Research Foundation.
Dr. Clements was an officer in the New Uses Council at the national level, and has served as a member of the DOE Southeast Regional Biomass Energy Program Advisory Committee and has facilitated DOE Regional Biomass Program strategic planning efforts. He participated in the development of the USDOE Roadmap 2020 Biomass Energy Plan. He has served as a Panel reviewer and Panel Leader for the USDA SBIR Program for Bio-Based Products and as a Panel Member for the USDA IFAFS Program. At the state level, Dr. Clements has worked with the Nebraska Office of Energy and the state legislature in matters concerning biomass utilization.

He served on the USDA-DOE 2005 Biomass Research and Development Initiative Review Panel.
Dr. Clements is the Founder and President of Renewable Products Development Laboratories, Inc. (RPDL) of Portland, OR, a process development and licensing company founded in 1999. He has been involved in chemical process design and process development activities in industry, academia, and as a consultant since 1966.Prior work has included new processes for alternative energy technologies (solar, biomass, and wind), semiconductor processing, petrochemicals, and solid waste management. The current focus of RPDL is processes and products based on the utilization of animal fats, vegetable oils, and waste cooking grease for fuels and specialty products, and the utilization
of thermochemical conversion technologies to utilize biomass materials as a source of energy and industrial chemicals.

Since entering the private sector in 2001, Dr. Clements has focused on development of new biomass conversion technologies and commercialization and licensing of these technologies. His company, RPDL currently is involved in projects utilizing RPDL’s proprietary technologies for the production of biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks, production of industrial chemicals and fuels from municipal solid wastes and animal wastes using a proprietary biomass liquefaction process, and the production of liquid fuels from wood wastes.

He was a member of the DOE team that developed and taught the leading biodiesel production short course (2002-2008)  and the co-author of the leading book, Building a Successful  Biodiesel  Business,now in its second edition.


Dr. Clements has served as principal investigator or co-principal investigator for over $4.2 million in sponsored research programs during his 45 years of professional experience in the military, industry and academia. His specialty is process design and development, with successful projects ranging from an oily sludge clean-up system (U.S. Patent 4,123,357) to a novel technique for etching silicon dioxide off of semiconductor wafers (U.S. Patent 4,749,440 and R\&D 100 Award, 1988). He has four U.S. patents, with two more pending. He has worked in the area of biomass utilization and thermochemical conversion of biomass for 28 years and industrial uses of fats and oils for 17 years. He has directed 51 MS and PhD students, and authored over 80 articles, contractor reports, and proceedings papers. He is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Technology. Dr. Clements’ biomass-specific contributions include 26 theses and dissertations, 43 papers and contractor reports, 4 patents issued or pending, 5 book chapters and co-author of one book.

Dr. L. Davis Clements completed a 25-year career in academia in 2000 to become CEO/CTO of Renewable Products Development Laboratories, Inc., (RPDL) a renewables process/product design engineering company he founded in 1999 in Lincoln, NE. RPDL is now a registered foreign corporation in Oregon. Dr. Clements continues his commitment to teaching as an adjunct professor in the Renewable energy Engineering Program of the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in Wilsonville, Oregon.


Ph.D. Ch.E., University of Oklahoma, 1973
M.S. Ch.E., University of Illinois, 1968
B.S. Ch.E., Oklahoma State University, 1966


Biomass utilization
Process design and development
Bioprocess reaction engineering
Production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources
Industrial uses for agricultural materials
Biorefinery design and implementation
Technical/economic project development and evaluation
Waste minimization and management
Energy and renewables policy
Sustainable economic development (international and domestic)
Appropriate technology and technology transfer.


1992-1994Director, Office of Agricultural Materials, USDA-CSRS, Washington, DC.
Program planning for collaborations to commercialize new industrial products from agricultural materials; Responsible for three private – university – government consortia with an aggregate budget in excess of $5 million;Developed a USDA – Department of Defense initiative to develop new products for military and civilian markets; Daily interactions at the planning and policy level in USDA; Frequent interactions with other agencies and the Legislative Branch. Funding in excess of $ 45 million. Program continues still.

1989 – 1992 Chemical Engineering Department Representative for the George Beadle Center Project Planning, Federal funding, and architectural design for a $ 25+ million facility.

1988-1989 Founding Director, Nebraska Non-Food Agricultural
Product and Market Development Center.

Chaired the group that planned the university-wide Center; Worked with Nebraska Legislature, Academic Planning Committee, Board of Regents, and the Chancellor’s Council to gain approval for the Center; Responsible for Center start up, establishing the initial programs, an Advisory Council, and hiring a Director. In 18 months the Center progressed from a piece of paper to national visibility and $300,000+ in research programs.


DeAnna Hatch, PhD

Sr. Biologist

Summary of Professional Qualifications

• Seven years biofuels entrepreneur experience
• Twenty years alternative energy study
• Thirty years’ use and maintenance of chemical laboratory equipment, procedures and maintenance
• Work closely with renewable/alternative energy and agricultural sustainability industry leaders
• Seven years grant administration experience – secured over $6 Million in federal & state grant funds
• Secured investor and grant funds for multiple projects
• Ten years microbial field and growth lab experience
• Seven years product development and quality control in nutritional supplement industry
• Extensive experience with SOP development and compliance to meet federal regulations
• Ten years teaching experience, including college, private herbal schools, and high school levels
• Extensively knowledgeable in analytical analysis and related instrumentation


• Bachelors of Science, Chemistry -
Fort Lewis College,Durango,CO. August,1984

• Doctorate of Philosophy, Pharmacognosy – University of Mississippi,Oxford, MS.  December, 1995

Related Professional Experience

OrganoFuels Asheville, North Carolina
August 2006 -Present

Chief Scientific Officer, CEO, Inventor

• Established idea for creation of novel fuel alternative (Biogasoline)
• Sought and secured funding to evaluate scientific substantiation for idea
Multiple financiers providing funding

Won 2008 North Carolina Green Business Fund Grant

• Established scientific validity of project via literature review and collaboration

Algae culture – isolation, purchase, and maintenance, culture health monitoring

Growth Chamber creation and invention

Established proprietary HPLC and GC methods for analysis

Established proprietary processes for lipid and biomass conversion to fuel

Established relationships with key industry leaders for process optimization

Patent process review

• Creation of business and research strategy

• Presentations throughout United States

• Established many significant partnership agreements to launch next phase of project

• Hiring, budget management, maintenance of appropriate documents

Thule Group of Consultants Platte, South Dakota         Oct 2011 – present

Chief Scientific Officer – NSF Phase II SBIR grant

• Oversight of algae growth, including photobioreactors, tanks, and other technologies

• Oversight of team member contributions

• Technical expert on chemistry of algal and other potential feed components


Grant Administration Experience

Mitchell Technical Institute Mitchell, South Dakota January 2012 – present

Grant Administrator -Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College & Career Training grant

• Management of reporting and details related to deadlines


OrganoFuels Asheville, North Carolina
August 2006 – Present

Chief Scientific Officer, CEO, Inventor

• Sought and secured funding to evaluate scientific substantiation for idea

Multiple financiers providing funding

• Secured and managed 2008 North Carolina Green Business Fund Grant

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College North Carolina          March 2010 – August 2010

Coordinator of GED to College Bridge Class (Bank of America – grant funded transitions class)

• Coordination of tours, college application, testing, and advising, class room instruction

and scheduling, and instructor presentation scheduling

Open World Program HostSedona, AZ; Asheville, NC. 2004, 2005, 2007

• Secured and managed Open World Funds from Library of Congress through National Peace Foundation

• Hosted delegates from Russia and the Ukraine; including securing host families, creating program (both business and recreational experiences), and managing budget, reports, and interactions with international agencies.

 Other Professional Experience

Hatch Consulting Sedona, Arizona
June 2000 – 2003


• Nutritional counseling – Technical support for nutritional companies

• Scientific literature review and summary for pharmaceutical and herbal companies

• Presentations of technical review of materials and products

King Bio Asheville, North Carolina
Nov 2003 – April 2004

Director of Quality Control

• Improve and create documentation for all manufacturing processes to meet Code of Federal Regulations

• Supervised and trained QC technicians

• Creation and implementation of qualitative in-house microbial testing for entire product line

 Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory Asheville, North Carolina.
March 2001 – June 2003

Special Studies Coordinator

• Responsible for all details of clinical studies management

• Protocol development, recruitment of and all communications with participants, management and collection

of all significant data, final statistical analysis of all data to develop new healthy reference ranges

• Implementation of new methods and standard operating procedures to improve efficiency of process

• Creation of novel statistical template to analyze data

(patent and publication pending for VIROS method for outlier removal)


Nutritional Supplement Industry
1996 – 2002

• Technical product support and development

• Quality Control, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development

• Technical presentations, including international supplement conference – Natural Products Expo West

• Full product line development – supplements and topical


US Forest ServiceFort Collins,Colorado
Oct 19847 – Aug 1989

• Set-up and maintenance of Water Analysis Laboratory

• Instrumentation: Carbon Detector, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Inductively Coupled

Plasma (ICP), Gas Chromatography (GC), digester, Autotitrator (acid indication), Infrared Spectroscopy (IR), and

general lab equipment


Coors Biomedical Denver, Colorado
Oct 1985 – Aug 1987

Research Scientist

• Creation and update of specifications for dental implant materials

• Improved manufacturing and created recycling process (patent application)

• Helped set-up pilot plant for Hydroxyapatite production

• Instrumentation: tinsel strength, IR, and general lab equipment

Teaching Experience

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College North Carolina.  2004, May 2007 – Dec 2011

Basic Skills Instruction (GED readiness)

• Instruction of all subjects with priority in Science and Math

• Maintenance of state forms and tracking systems

• Data analysis of testing outcomes

Instructional Advising (Transition to college advising)

• Major selection and application and financial aid processes

North Carolina School of Natural Healing Asheville, North Carolina.   June 2001 – June 2003

• Instruction in “The Chemistry of Herbs and Nutrients”

• Laboratory included compound extraction and detection


Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine Asheville, North Carolina.Jan 2003 – June 2003

• Instruction in “Biostatistics and Epidemiology”

Maryville CollegeMaryville,Tennessee
Aug 1995 – May 1996
Adjunct Faculty (one year appointment)

• Instruction in “Organic” and “General Chemistry”, and “The Chemistry of Medicine”

• Creating and set up of all laboratory experiments for all classes

• Managed team of laboratory assistants

University of Mississippi University Oxford, Mississippi.Jan 1992 – May 1994

• Set up and instruction of Pharmacognosy laboratory

Shining Mountain Waldorf School Boulder, CO.
Aug 2000 – March 2001

• Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra, Photography, Zoology


Carl Phillips


 Forestry Management – Sustainable Biomass Production Systems Former USDA Forest Service Forester and highly accomplished professional with eight years experience in Forestry Operations Management and Forest Research across diverse disciplines, including a mix of small to large size privately held companies.

Mr. Phillips delivered robust harvest and sustainable profit improvements and achieved a proven track record of designing, implementing and developing effective management systems that culminate in operationally meaningful performance in the Forestry Industry. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Forest Operations Management, timber harvested as hard asset, thorough understanding of required management controls, and well-refined research techniques.

Mr. Phillips is a capable Research Forester of vegetation including silviculture, timber management, reforestation, forest biology, forest mensuration, timber stand improvement, and fuels management that provided advice and assistance on forestry resource management policies and practices in order to manage forestry resources so that they were utilized in the combination that will best meet the present and future needs of the public.
He was responsible for the planning, and initiated, and/or conducted surveys, studies, experimental design or evaluations of forest resource management projects and programs and provided complete documentation of information accumulated from the review and the procedures established or changed as a result. Analyzed and evaluated program, identified problems or deficiencies, and typically provided workable solutions, and implemented improvement plans to meet established goals and objectives. Participated in the preparation of organization budget proposals and planning. Assisted in the development of new or proposed plans, policies, procedures, and guidelines and made recommendations on the need for new or modified policies regarding forestland management programs and policies.


Robert M. Lantis




Bob is a cleantech innovator and entrepreneur, currently focused upon development of efficient autotrophic algae photobioreactors utilizing advanced light management processes. Respected inventor in the UV disinfection and water remediation profession. Award-winning product innovation expertise. Certified practitioner, Ideation-TRIZ -based intellectual property development methods.
Mr. Lantis has served as a highly respected consultant, designer and provider of photoreactor systems for remediation, bio-mass/bio-fuels harvesting, and photo-chemical processing for commercial applications.
WQA Certified Water Specialist, advisor/lecturer on photobioreactor and UV disinfection technologies.



BioPhotix Corporation, Asheville, NC   2008 – Present

CEO.  (

Renewables & Environment industry – Consultant to industry clients seeking sustainable energy systems solutions for commercial applications involving

algae biomass, biofuels, photobioreactor design and analysis, water treatment and re-use, electro-coagulation, and related intellectual property development.



AquaSolix Corporation, Candler, NC  2006 – 2010


Water Treatment & Renewables industry

Development of cleantech water remediation systems (“micro-sized” treatment plants) for “point of need” (distributed infrastructure) applications requiring fail-safe access to healthful water. Unique, high-efficiency photoreactor topologies delivering industry’s highest reactor equivalent dose (RED).

LightStream Technologies, Inc., Herndon, VA  1998 – 2006

Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Director, and Co-founder.

Water Treatment & Renewables industry

Conceived, designed, patented, and produced unique pulsed lamp –based disinfection technologies targeted at municipal water treatment applications.  Introduced industry’s first (and to-date only) large-scale water disinfection product that provides performance-based, real-time and Constant Optimum Dose operation, thereby meriting the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2004 Product Innovation Award for the advanced water treatment market sector.


Robert Lantis Consulting, LLC, Belen, NM  1997-1998

Principal.  Independent Consultant to the laser industry:  Supporting clients around the world, provided existing and new optoelectronics products design, development, UV processes and products feasibility studies, business technology development, production planning, and technical research.

Lasertechnics, Inc., Albuquerque, NM  1986-1988   1990-1994

Chief Engineer, Excimer Laser Products.  Managed development program for commercialization of high power and efficiency excimer UV lasers (electric discharge and e-beam, x-ray preionized) utilizing unique magnetic-switched high voltage erection techniques. Initial work partially funded via EPA Phase 2 SBIR grant. Managed laser product technical, UV applications, field support, and products programs/alliances interface with industry.  Provided engineering support to pulsed CO2 industrial laser products. Designed a market disrupting high-speed CW laser-based marking tool for the packaging industry.

XMR, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA  1988-1990

Laser R&D Engineer.  Design, development of new UV and x-ray preionized industrial excimer laser products. Technical evaluation, design improvement, and support of existing products. Products alliance liaison with Siemens Corp., KWU.  Doubled the electrical-optical pulse efficiency of UV-based semiconductor processing products, thereby eliminating premature failure problems.

Northrop Electronics Division, Hawthorne, CA  1984-1986

Test Engineer.  Development of unique high power and efficiency excimer laser demonstrator system (including ancillary subsystems) intended for space-based deployment, under contract to US Naval Ocean Systems Center. DOE Secret clearance.


“Comparative Disinfection Efficiency of Pulsed and Continuous-Wave UV Irradiation Technologies” Bohrerova, Z; Shemer, H; Linden, K.G.; Lantis, R.M.

Journal of the International Water Association, Water Research, Vol 42, #12, June 2008


“Pulsed UV: Realities of Enhanced Disinfection” Bohrerova, Z; Shemer, H; Lantis, B; Impellitteri, C; Linden, K.G.

2006 AWWA Proceedings,  Water Quality Technology Conference


“Pulsed Systems Provide Latest Advance in UV Disinfection” Lantis, R.; Zanardi, C.

Industrial WaterWorld, May, 2003


“Pulsing to a New Beat” Lantis, R.; Zanardi, C.

Pollution Engineering, August, 2003


“Magnetically Switched Voltage Multipliers for High-PRF, Megavolt Pulsed Power” Rothe, D.E.; Lantis, R.M.

IEEE Power Modulator Symposium, 1992. Conference Record of 1992




US 6,264,836 “Method and Apparatus for Decontaminating Fluids Using Ultraviolet Radiation”

US 7,423,367 “Design of High Power Pulsed Flash Lamps”

US 2008/0157695 “Method and Apparatus for Pulsing High Power Flash Lamps”

US 2007/0222349 “Method and Apparatus for Cooling High Power Flash Lamps”

US 8,292,100 “Method and Apparatus for Solar-based Water Disinfection”

US 2014/ (Application Number 62/029,029) “Method and Apparatus for Secure Infrastructure for Public and Commercial Works Facilities”



Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society for Pulsed Power Science & Technology

National Algae Association

American Rain Catchment Systems Association (Founding Charter Director, Southeast Chapter)

International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)

Water Quality Association

Transition Asheville

American Management Association*

American Society for Quality*

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute*

Toastmasters International*


American Institute for Physics*

International Society for Optical Engineering*

Optical Society of America*

Laser Electro-optics Society*

Laser Institute of America*

American Vacuum Society*