Great Plains BioSciences


Overview of Great Plains Biosciences Group, LLC

Mission Statement:


Great Plains Biosciences Group, LLC (GPBG) is a Clean Tech Project Development Company implementing high efficiency, environmentally responsible Best Practice Technologies. These are proven technologies which support a disciplined systems-approach to mitigate impending global climate change, resources depletion and habitat loss crises.

Protection, conservation and management of regional air shed, topsoil, flora and fauna, mineral,fresh water and littoral marine resources quality are key to sustainable economic and environmental viability. Integrated resources management yielding improved environmental quality and infrastructure will support enhanced agricultural productivity and living standards.

GPBG’s Best Practice Technologies become legacy Economic Development models achieving sustainable factors of production for the intergenerational, societal, and environmental benefit of the community and for the future of agriculture. These programs can allow ranchers and farmers to manage and resist predation by the competing interests for their land, resources, and products.

GPBG’s Best Practice Technologies is a systems approach that provides for agribusiness sustainability and economic benefits by development of liquid transportation fuels, energy and chemicals production from biomass and coal while emphasizing elegant resource stewardship in process technologies. Sustainable production is a benchmark of our systems approach with resource conservation, environmental responsibility and efficiency primary program goals.